Ginger – an incredible root that helps you fight many diseases

I love the flavor of ginger in my meals! Even if you are not a fan, you should get as much ginger as you can as this root will do wonders for your health!

Have you ever wondered what natural product can be used to counteract a variety of diseases? Ginger possesses this unique ability. It helps to relieve the body of toxins absorbed from food, alcohol, chemicals and radiation. Let’s take a closer look!

Toxins are everywhere and can cause many diseases. We take in these toxins in the form of air pollutants, smoke and food, however, they are also formed in the body as a result of various metabolic processes. Quietly they contaminate our bodies and can cause degeneration of cells, which can even lead to cancer.

And this is exactly where ginger comes in, because with this healthy root you can burn all of this “garbage” in your body, detoxify and improve your health naturally. In many cases, no medical treatment or surgery needed. It will brighten your eyes, let your complexion shine, and at the same time rid your body of fatty deposits.

Ginger can be used to help with the following ailments and problems:

1. Ginger reduces risk of high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, stroke and heart disease

Toxins that enter the bloodstream, leading to high blood pressure amongst other issues, are also associated with the development of multiple sclerosis, brain strokes and heart disease. Ginger improves blood circulation, which in turn helps to clear out those deadly toxins.

2. Ginger helps prevent Gastritis, Colic, Gastric ulcers, Pancreatic disease or diabetes

These diseases also begin with the accumulation of toxins in the body. Here the slime-forming effect of ginger comes into play. It helps to cleanse the bowel, prevent the development of gastric ulcers and increase general well-being.

3. Ginger helps with weight loss

Ginger has a soothing effect on the stomach. It reduces stomach acid and boosts the entire metabolism. It activates fat burning and excess body fat converts into heat quicker.

4. Ginger oils joints and supports the fight against arthritis and osteoporosis

Salts (also toxic in large quantities) deposited in our joints can cause arthritis and osteoporosis, affecting our musculoskeletal system. Again, ginger is as close to a miracle cure as it gets. It helps flush out the salts helps us to “lubricate” the joints, so to speak.

5. Ginger protects muscles and prevents cramping

If you play a lot of sports, ginger is just right for you because it helps to prevent muscle fever rising after intense exercise. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and provides relief. After exercise you can put a linen bag with fresh, grated ginger into warm bath water. The bath should take 20 minutes, and the heat generated opens your pores, relaxes your muscles and at the same time clears your breathing airways and lungs.

6. Helps against nausea and motion sickness

Ginger releases enzymes in the stomach, which prevents or at least mitigates many types of nausea. According to studies, ginger is as effective as many medications for nausea. If you have issues in a car, plane or on a ship, it will help to chew a piece of the root and you’ll immediately feel relief.

7. Hangover cure

Just as Ginger helps against nausea for travelers, the root can also help you overcome a hangover. Make yourself a strong ginger tea or have some ginger candy.

8. Helps against mouth sores

Is a mouth sores bothering you? Think ginger! Put a small slice of directly on top of the inflamed area and keep it there for as long as possible. If you manage to hold it there for about an hour change the slice with a new piece. In most cases the inflammation will subside after 12-24 hours, whereas other forms of treatment often takes a few days.

9. Faster healing of cold sores

Unpleasant cold sores may also be treated with fresh ginger. Press a piece of ginger or a very thin slice on the affected area. This alleviates the intensity of the outbreak and prevents inflammation of the surrounding area.

Finally, a recipe for the application of ginger:

You can prepare ginger infusion from a smaller root (10 – 20g), or one teaspoon of ginger powder and 200ml of boiling water. Let it stew for ten minutes. After tasting you can add a teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon. Drink half of it in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other half during the day between meals. The ginger boosts your metabolism, neutralizes toxins and ensures better digestion.

Finally, we have a little trick on how to peel ginger. If you use a spoon instead of a knife for peeling, you peel less of the root itself. The amount of time it takes is about the same, only a little more force is required. Set the inside of the spoon to the root, push down slightly and pull the spoon towards you.

Perhaps you also have tips; we look forward to your comments!

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  1. Cut the Ginger root into small 1/2″-3/4″ pieces leaving the skin on, then use a garlic press for a fast way to get the good stuff. Put in a tea ball or French press to infuse or directly in the cup if you don’t mind the nibbles.

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