Amazing Uses for Avocado Seeds – Never Discard Them Again!

Wenn du Avocados liebst, dann nutze sie ganz und wirf den Avocadokern nicht einfach weg! Es gibt ein paar geniale Tricks, wie du den Kern nutzen kannst!

The flesh of an avocado is healthy, and it is rich with vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids and minerals – nothing new there. However, Ancient tribes in Central America, where the avocado originates, also found uses for the seed of the avocado!

I have decided for myself that the seed is far too valuable to throw away, and as such in this article I will show you what interesting uses the seed has to offer, and am sure you won’t dispose of it so needlessly in future.

Produce Avocado Seed Powder

The best ways to use the avocado seed is in powdered form. For this powder you need only:

  • The washed avocado seed
  • A knife
  • Something that can be used for milling, e.g. an apple grater or grinder

Your process for turning the seed into versatile powder:

  1. Remove dark skin
  2. Cut or crush into pieces
  3. Leave to dry
  4. Mill in a coffee grinder or something capable of creating similar powder

Do you love avocados? Stop binning the seed! Full of nutrients, you can easily use it for better health and beauty. We show you how!

Once you have cut the seed it reacts with the air, ensuring that the powder or pieces are of a dark orange colour. This is perfectly normal and actually desirable. The pieces need one to three days to dry out completely, so cutting thin slices is preferable in that it dries more quickly and mold doesn’t have time to form before grinding into powder.

However, it is also possible to grind the non-dried seed pieces directly. In this case, you should let the powder dry for a couple of hours before you use it.

Internal Applications of Avocado Seed Powder

The valuable ingredients of the fruit are concentrated in the seed. They strengthen the immune system and protect against free radicals. They also act against internal inflammation, such as arthritis or gastritis.

Regular consumption of avocado seeds make it harder for viruses and bacteria to take root in our body. This is very interesting, as after all most diseases start with an inflammation. Personally that’s more than reason enough to make me want to explore the seed further.

For example, put the powder in cereal or in a smoothie, it tastes slightly nutty and slightly bitter. Half a seed is a good amount for one serving. The powder can also be roasted and sprinkled over salads.

Readers have also reported that the Vitamix and Ninja blenders manage to grind a whole avocado seed with no issues. But we have not tried that yet!

Do you love avocados? Stop binning the seed! Full of nutrients, you can easily use it for better health and beauty. We show you how!

External Applications

The seed can also be applied externally. It makes your hair more elastic and gives it a wonderful shine if the water balance is regulated.

For a deep conditioner for medium length hair you’ll need:

  • Powder of the avocado seed
  • Three tablespoons of coconut oil or another oil which also cares for your hair

This is how you create the deep conditioner and apply it:

  1. Put the powder into the oil and let it stand overnight.
  2. Massage this mixture into your hair and scalp.
  3. The tonic takes at least one hour, or it is also possible to leave on overnight.
  4. Afterwards rinse well.

After this treatment, your hair will feel soft and replenished!


Perhaps also interesting for you:

What do you use avocado seeds for? Have you ever tried a mask with avocado seed powder, or a tincture to help muscle pain or headaches? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. Eva Antwi

    I have made my avocado seed oil, can I apply to my scalp every day as a conditioner and can I leave it in my hair for about a month?? Thanks Eva

  2. I grind it into a very fine powder and add it to my coffee or hot chocolate. It tastes good, sweet and nutty.

  3. People in my area have no clue that fast hair growth shampoos (of course with no sulfates, no parabens, no DEA) even exist. Persons are now able to have longer hair and achieve more possibilities. Undoubtedly worth exploring.

    When you’re going over alopecia, hair damage, avoiding skin disorders, fast hair growth, hair care in general, almost the same rules actualize.

    Generally, you have to stay away from hair products and treatments that use chemicals like parabens, DEA and sulfates.

    What’s healthy for your hair is good for your skin all the same.

    It goes without saying the content on this page is spot on for so many reasons. It avoids the usual traps and pitfalls too many fall into- buying bad alternatives. Keep it up!

  4. Too many have no knowledge of the fact that scalp therapy shampoos for fast hair growth (of course with no sulfates, no parabens or DEA) even exist. We all now may enjoy longer hair and have more alternatives. Undoubtedly worth looking up.

    If you’re exploring alopecia, damaged hair, avoiding skin disorders, hair growth, hair and scalp care at large, very similar principles apply.

    In general, you have to stay away from hair products and treatments that include chemicals like parabens, DEA and sulfates.

    What is healthy for your hair is healthy for your skin as well.

    Clearly your content above is spot on for various reasons. It steers away from the common traps and pitfalls so many fall into: getting horrible alternatives. Keep it up!

  5. What quantity can i use during meal?

    • I will like to know the health benefits of the avocado seeds.
      Thank you.

  6. Can avocado seed cleanse veins?

  7. Does anyone use it to lose weight? Is the avocado seed powder really boost the metabolism? I like to hear from anybody that have lost weight using it. Thanks

  8. My question is after you make the seed a powder what can you store it in?

    • I stores mine in a regular jar with a lid on it and I keep it on my spice rack with the other spices. I love it

    • Hi,i would like more information in ovacado seed especialy on meals, from

      preparation and also on diet , like how many grams and which one are

      On animal , can they produce good nutrient for animal feed?

  9. Emmanuella

    Please can avocado seed powder stop high blood pressure

    • My mum took the avocado pit in her porridge and warm water instead of tablets for high blood pressure.She is still fit for 6 years now.

  10. Pls I want to know how safe is avocado seed, because I have made one that I want to start using now.

  11. I have been hearing that making avocado seed is dangerous. I have been making avocado flour and getting ready to use it. Seriously at least 3 quarts and I want to make a secret recipe for a contest. But now I am worried. I am type one diabetic and want to try to rejuvenate my pancreas, sorry I don’t believe it’s dead. I’m not in denial. Just trying! Anyway reassure me any evidence by doctors naturalists that say it is safe? Please let me know. Thank you

    • You are right it’s prob not dead. Viruses and other pathogens are usually the cause of diabetes so if you can strengthen your immune system it will help type 2 but some people with type 1 have autoimmune issues too due to viruses etc triggering an immune response. Take some chromium and see if that lowers ya blood sugars, look up chromium and blood sugars.. it’s worth looking into. Also make sure your vitamin d is good and iron etc so basically make sure your nutritional needs are met and you have no deficiencies. Trust me I eat well and I have iron and other deficiencies that is due to not absorbing enough iron and also from having a weak immune system etc. don’t give up Cos I lowered my blood sugars from taking probiotics, vitamin d( I have to take calcitriol though Cos I can’t convert it properly) and some colostrum powder But it will only work if the pancreas beta cells are still alive. It will help insulin resistance and help the beta cells too and lower type 2 for people like me with weak immune systems who caught a virus which attacked my organs and pancreas copped a beating and ever since mu blood sugars have been pre diabetic on and off but I am keeping my body from becoming diabetic With all the natural stuff I take too. Anything that will help boost immunity for me helps as it’s due to a virus for me but that’s not the case for everyone. Some ppl get diabetes due to genes and some are due to lack of chromium nutrients, bad diet and no exercise etc. but hey it’s worth a try to take what I take and see if it helps. Just keep researching natural things online and get your vitamin d levels checked and make sure you don’t have kidney/Liver damage or Hypoparathyroidism Cos if you do I will need to be on prescription vitamin d active form and that helps my blood sugars but if your healthy just take vitamin d and ya body will convert it for u 😊 so just get some sunlight Cos it’s free vit d and helps your health in many ways.

  12. Hello Corlia.
    I have been drying my Avocado seeds but I noticed mold on them this morning. Can I wash of the mold and still grind the seeds when they are dried?

  13. Hi Corlia,
    yes, avocado seeds are really amazing, and maybe they can do even more. Let’s see, what research will reveal in future.
    Best wishes, Annette

    • Hello…
      When using the avocado seed for hair.
      Is it a must that I should dry it out..
      What happens if I don’t dry the avocado seed and I just use it.

  14. Corlia vd Westhuizen

    Very interesting. Want to know more what the seed powder can be used for.

    • Hi..big thanks for the natural recipe.Since you say avocado fights some viruses in the body,what about HIV,can it be helpful as well.reply

  15. I have gastritis, I feel much relieved after using the avocado seeds powder. Thanks for the tip!

  16. Diego Reyes

    Can avocado seed treat skin problems?

  17. Hi bravo who would have thought of avacafo seed to treat your skin with love it my face is free from blemishes God bless


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