Why smarticular.net?

smart + particular = smarticular

smarticular: To solve a problem in a particularly efficient, clever or unusual way.

The team at smarticular.net consists of people just like you; we have familes, jobs, friends and responsibilities. Everyday we juggle our love of modern life with the negative impact our lifestyles have on the environment of the planet. We face large and small challenges everyday, and we constantly ask how we can live more mindful lives? How we can reduce and reuse our wants, instead of participating and contributing to a single use, disposable society? We value the limited time we have on this planet and we value the connections we have with our families, friends and pets. We believe that time is valuable and that we should all be able to spend as much time as possible enjoying a mindful life.

We believe in the careful use of the resources of the planet and sustainability in all aspects of how we live our lives. We constantly ask, do we need it? Can we reuse it? Can we repurpose it? How do we avoid just throwing things away? There are very smart ways to answering these questions in an extraordinary and efficient way. While we value reducing our impact, we also value high standards and exceptional style in our lifestyles. We’ve discovered how to live a modern life while reducing waste and we’ve discovered the eco hacks, tips and tricks that will not only make your life easier and less expensive, they will, most importantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Smarticular hacks are not complicated and don’t require a complete overhaul of your life. Our eco hacks, tips and tricks are also not expensive, in fact we take great pride in finding the least expensive way to improve our lives. We believe in using what we have to the best advantage. Our eco hacks, tips and tricks are simple to implement with small incremental steps to make life your easier and your lifestyle more sustainable, we call that smarticular!

Depending on where we are in our lives, we all have different priorities: living more efficiently, saving money, living sustainability, reducing our impact and improving the environment. We can teach you how to eat better, clean green, reduce your trash and even get your kids involved all while saving time and money. Find out which hacks, tips and tricks work for you and make your life easier, on smarticular.net

Tips, tricks and so called lifehacks are all around us. It only takes a bit of time and attention to discover them. We never want to stop learning and just as we share with you, we want you to share with us. Let us know about your smarticular ideas and your experiences with our tips and tricks, let us know no matter if they didn’t work, if you can make them better or if they rocked your world – here is our contact form!

The smarticular.net team

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